Effect of oral glucose administration on pain in neonates undergoing peripheral blood collection

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Effa Triani
Munar Lubis
Chairoel Yoel


Background Peripheral blood sampling with heel sticks in neonates
could represent minor invasive procedure which generates pain.
The oral glucose administration can reduce the pain in neonates
during this procedure.
Objective To compare the pain sense after oral glucose
administration or placebo during peripheral blood sampling with
heel sticks in neonates.
Methods A double blind randomized clinical trial study was
conducted from January to March 2004 in three teaching hospitals
in Medan. The population of this study was divided into two
groups (glucose and placebo) and each group consisted of 32
neonates. The intervention group got 1 ml of 40% glucose and
the placebo group got 1 ml of sterile water. Blood sample was
taken with sterile hemolet with heel sticks from healthy aterm
neonates. The pain was measured using NIPS score and measured
in first 30 seconds after heel sticking. The heart and respiratory
rate measurement was done before and during the intervention
and we also counted crying time. Data were analyzed with student
Results The significant mean difference of NIPS score in glucose
group was 2.22 (SD 0.83) vs 4.72 (SD 0.96) in placebo group
(P<0.0001). There was significant mean difference of crying time,
i.e. 0.16 (SD 0.37) in glucose group vs 2.05 (SD 0.77) in placebo
group (P<0.0001). There was significant differences of heart rate
before and during heel sticking in both groups.
Conclusion There were some differences of pain sense in neonates
who received 40% glucose compared to those who received sterile
water during peripheral blood sampling.

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Triani E, Lubis M, Yoel C. Effect of oral glucose administration on pain in neonates undergoing peripheral blood collection. PI [Internet]. 31Aug.2007 [cited 28Sep.2020];47(4):185-. Available from: https://paediatricaindonesiana.org/index.php/paediatrica-indonesiana/article/view/411
Author Biographies

Effa Triani

Department of Child Health, Medical School, North Sumatera
University, Medan, Indonesia.

Munar Lubis

Department of Child Health, Medical School, North Sumatera
University, Medan, Indonesia.

Chairoel Yoel

Department of Child Health, Medical School, North Sumatera
University, Medan, Indonesia.
Received 2016-08-31
Accepted 2016-08-31
Published 2007-08-31


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