Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever. A Problem of Clinical Diagnosis and Proposal for Using a Scoring Systetn

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Muzief Munir
Tjandra Husada
I. Mustadjab


This prospective study was conducted in an attempt to find out a method of
clinical diagnoS'is of Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever wi,th high accuracy and coverage.
A clinical picture of all cases admitted with 3 days fever of unknown origin
and poS'itive tourniquet test was studied.

The cardinal signs and symptoms i.e. liver enlargemerz.t, thrombocyte counJ.
hematocrit, spontaneous bleeding such as epistaxis, petechiae, hematonw and hematemesis, were thoroughly studied from the day of admission up to the sixth day
of illness.

Blood was drawn into filter-paper disks for serologic examination on the day
of admission, then 5, and 10 days thereafter.

Based on a series of serological tests, the patients were grouped into confirmed
and false DHF.

Liver enlargement was found in both groups, but only in the confinned DHF
group was it significantly related to the day of illness (r = 0.45, with probably
error of 0.03 ).

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Infection & Tropical Pediatrics
Received 2017-08-24
Accepted 2017-08-24
Published 1982-02-27


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