Hand-Schuller-Christian disease

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Sjabaroeddin Loebis
Bistok Saing
Helena Siregar
M. Najib Loebis


A 14-month-old girl was admitted with signs of paleness, weakness and swelling of the lymphnodes in the neck and inguinal. Histopatological examination of the lymphnodes showed histiocytosis X. X-photo of the skull and pelvic bones revealed several osteolysis.

Based upon clinical manifestations and histopathological examination this diseases was diagnosed as the rare disease Hand-Schüller-Christian disease.

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Loebis S, Saing B, Siregar H, Loebis M. Hand-Schuller-Christian disease. PI [Internet]. 30Oct.1981 [cited 7Jul.2020];21(9-10):205-4. Available from: https://paediatricaindonesiana.org/index.php/paediatrica-indonesiana/article/view/1198
Case Report
Received 2017-01-26
Accepted 2017-01-26
Published 1981-10-30


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