Childhood non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta: Outcome of treatment 2000-2005

  • Djajadiman Gatot
  • Teny Tjitrasari
  • Novie Amelia Chozie
Keywords: non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, childhood, outcome


Background Childhood non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) is the third
most common solid tumor in Cipto Mangunkusumo, Jakarta. Since
1992 there was no national report on the survival of children with
NHL. To continue our observation on the result of treatment of chil-
dren with NHL in our institution, we briefly report the outcome therapy
of children with NHL who were admitted to our hospital during 2000-
Objective All patients who were diagnosed as non-Burkitt type NHL
between January 2000-December 2005 were included in the study.
Data collected retrospectively from the Oncology Registration of
Hematology-Oncology Division, Department of Child Health, Cipto
Mangunkusumo Hospital, including age, sex, primary site of tumor,
histopathology type, staging, treatment response, and outcome.
Results A total of 24 patients were available. Male:female ratio
was 1.8:1. The age range was from 9 months to 11 years (median
6 years). The histological type consisted of LL (3) and non-LL (11).
Ten out of 14 patients were diagnosed as advanced stages (stages
III and IV), while the rest were in stage II. Primary tumor site in LL
type were the head and neck (1), mediastinum (1), and testis (1),
while the non-LL type patients had more varied site. Overall sur-
vival of NHL was 78.6%+4.7%.
Conclusion The overall survival of childhood NHL patients treated
with protocol in our institution is in the range of survival that had
achieved in other centers worldwide, even with advanced stage of

Author Biographies

Djajadiman Gatot
Department of Child Health, Medical School, University of
Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Teny Tjitrasari
Department of Child Health, Medical School, University of
Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Novie Amelia Chozie
Department of Child Health, Medical School, University of
Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.


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