Body mass index and age of menarche in young girls

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Dina Olivia
Melda Deliana
Supriatmo Supriatmo
Hakimi Hakimi
Siska Mayasari Lubis


Background Currently the age at onset of menarche is earlier
than in the past. Nutritional status has an important role in
the onset of menarche. Past studies have shO\vn an association
between body mass index (BMI) in young girls and earlier onset
of menarche.
Objective To assess an association between BMI and age at onset
of menarche.
Methods This cross􀁈sectional study was conducted in young
girls aged 10 to 15 years from Immanuel Elementary and Junior
High School, Medan in June 2010. We used purposive sampling
to recruit subjects. After subjects underwent height and weight
measurements, we calculated their BMIs. The association between
BMI and initial age of menarche was assessed by Chi square test
(P<O.05 v.ith a 95% confidence interval).
Results Eighty􀁈five subjects participated in this study. There were
44 subjects in the 5th􀀊85th percentile ofBMI (nonnoweight), 19
subjects with 85th􀀊95th percentile of BMI (overweight) and 12
subjects in the> 95th percentile ofBMI (obese). All obese subjects
had an earlier onset of menarche at ages 1O􀁈 11 years, compared
to that of non􀁈obese subjects (P=O.OOOl).
Conclusion Young girls v.ith BMI > 95th percentile had an
earlier age at onset of menarche than young girls v.ith lower BMls.
[Paediatr lndanes. 2012,52:309-12].

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Received 2016-09-08
Accepted 2016-09-08
Published 2012-12-31


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