Effect of vitamin A on severity of acute diarrhea in children

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Marlisye Marpaung
Supriatmo Supriatmo
Atan Baas Sinuhaji


Background Vitamin A deficiency may increase the risk or be
a cause of diarrhea. Many studies have been conducted on the
efficacy of vitamin A in the management of acute diarrhea, but
the outcomes remain inconclusive.
Objective To determine the effectiveness of vitamin A in reducing
the severity of acute diarrhea in children.
Methods We performed a single􀁈blind􀁈randomized controlled
trial in the Secanggang District, Langkat Regency, North of
Sumatera, from August 2009 to January 2010 in children aged
6 months to 5 years, who had diarrheas. Subjects were divided
into two groups. Group 1 received a single dose of vitamin A
(100,000 IU for subjects aged 6 to 11 month old or with body
weights :s 10 kg, or 200,000 IU for subjects aged 2: 12 month old
or with body weights> 10 kg). Group 2 received a single dose
of placebo. The establishment of severity was based on changes
in diarrheal frequency, stool consistency, volume and duration
of diarrhea after treatment. We performed independent T􀁈test
and Chi square tests for statistical analyses. The study was an
intention􀁈to􀁈treat analysis.
Results We enrolled 120 children who were randomized into
two groups of 60 subjects each. Group 1, received vitamin A
and group 2 received a placebo. The results showed significant
differences between the two groups in stool volume starting on
the first day (95%CI 192.30 to 3237.51; P􀁉O.OOI), as well as
diarrheal frequency (P=O.OOl) and stool consistency (P=O.OOl)
on the second day observation and duration of diarrhea following
treatment (95%CI - 40.60 to - 25.79; P􀁉O.OOI;).
Conclusions Vitamin A supplementation is effective in reducing
the severity of acute diarrhea in children under five years of age.
[Paediatr lndones. 2013;53:125-31.]

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Published 2013-06-30


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