Laryngeal Tuberculosis in a Child (A Case Report)

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F. X. Santoso
Esther S. I. Witono
Makmuri M. S.
Gunadi Santosa


Since the advent of effective antituberculous chemotherapy, laryngeal tuberculosis has become relatively uncommon, and there is a real possibility that the diagnosis may be delayed or overlooked. Data from the ENT outpatient clinic Dr. Soetomo Hospital showed a significant decrease in the prevalence of laryngeal tuberculosis, from 4. 72 o/oo in 1980 to 0.28 o/oo in 1986. This condition is usually found in adult males who have pulmonary tuberculosis. A girl with laryngeal tuberculosis is the objective of the present report. The patient was admitted with a history of chronic hoarseness. With a presumptive diagnosis of papilloma of the larynx, some biopsies were performed. The histopathologic exmamintaions suggested laryngeal tuberculosis. Additional examinations revealed a positive tubercullin test, diffuse infiltrates on both lungs and positive acid fast bacilli. Her condition improved after chemotherapy administration.

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Received 2019-07-25
Published 2019-07-25


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