Graves' Disease and Diabetes Mellitus

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M. Suttan Assin
Jusuf Rukman
Jose R. L. Batubara
Purnama Wati S. P.


Thyroid hormones play an important role in the metabolic propesses. Its disturbances will involve several organs, consequently. A 5 year old girl with Graves' diseases, after several weeks of treatment with propylthiouracil (PTV), developed thyrotoxicosis crisis and diabetes mellitus with ketoacidosis; a condition which is usually fatal. Treatment toward the hyperthyroid state overcome the diabetic stage, eventually.

This report is an example of an endocrinological interaction in a hyperthyroid patient. Therefore, the diabetogenic effect of hyperthyroxinemia should not be overlooked.

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Assin M, Rukman J, Batubara J, S. P. P. Graves’ Disease and Diabetes Mellitus. PI [Internet]. 30Jan.2019 [cited 18Oct.2019];32(11-12):327-1. Available from:
Case Report
Received 2019-01-30
Published 2019-01-30


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