Cholelithiasis in children

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E. M. Halimun
Hermien W. Moeryono


Gallstone disease is very rare in children. This communication is a report on three cases of cholelithiasis in children found in the last four years in Harapan Kita Hospital, Jakarta. They were all girls of ll. 5 and 9 y ears old respectively. The etiologic factors were Salmonellosis, Congenital stenosis of the distal end of CBD and Thalassemia. All patients were survive and well after surgical treatment. Ultrasonography gives a big contribution in diagnosing an acquired obstruction of the extra hepatic biliary system.

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Halimun E, Moeryono H. Cholelithiasis in children. PI [Internet]. 10Aug.2018 [cited 18Oct.2019];24(11-12):265-. Available from:
Case Report
Received 2018-08-10
Published 2018-08-10


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