Hodgkin's Disease

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Darfioes Basir
Inda D. Arif
Moeslichan S.


A case of Hodgkin's disease in an 8-year-old Indonesian boy is presented. The treatment was stanted 2½ years after the first onset of the symptoms,
consisting of vincristine, cyclophosphamide and prednisone. It seemed that this combination gave good results; after 12 weeks of treatment the lymphnodes disappeared and no new swellings developed. Despite the good results, continuous observation is necessary.

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Basir D, Arif I, S. M. Hodgkin’s Disease. PI [Internet]. 13Jun.2017 [cited 18Oct.2019];18(1-2):58-6. Available from: https://paediatricaindonesiana.org/index.php/paediatrica-indonesiana/article/view/1462
Case Report
Received 2017-05-31
Accepted 2017-05-31
Published 2017-06-13


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