Oxyuriasis at the Department of Pediatrics, Dr. Pirngadi Hospital, Medan

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Berlian Hasibuan
Mahruzzaman Naim
Azwan H. Lubis
Syahril Pasaribu
Chairuddin P. Lubis


During the period of 3 months (February - April 1987), a prospective study on oxyuariasis among children had been conducted at Child Health Deparment of Dr. Pirngadi Hospital Medan. All children over 8 months of age were included in this study.

The diagnosis was based on the modified Scoth 's technique. Oxyuriasis ova were found in 21 out 119 children (17,65%). The peak incidence was found in the school age.

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Hasibuan B, Naim M, Lubis A, Pasaribu S, Lubis C. Oxyuriasis at the Department of Pediatrics, Dr. Pirngadi Hospital, Medan. PI [Internet]. 28Feb.1989 [cited 18Oct.2019];29(1-2):8-2. Available from: https://paediatricaindonesiana.org/index.php/paediatrica-indonesiana/article/view/1439
Received 2017-05-29
Accepted 2017-05-29
Published 1989-02-28


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